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Enjoy the Aroma taste everyday. We sell to coffee users of all machine sizes and locations. What can we get for you today?

With a wide variety of beans, grinds and package sizes. Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery are able to provide the finest coffee to all households, businesses and coffee lovers from our base in Pretoria, all around South Africa.

Speciality Roasted Coffee

  • Ugandan Bugisu Roast

    This highly rated African coffee has a darker aroma than the Ethiopian roasts. Ugandan Bugisu contains a touch of Brazil nut that you can taste with every sip. A sweet, mild roast boasting a deep, earthy, woody mouth-feel. The body of Bugisu is fairly light, but the flavour is surprisingly rich, with dark chocolate and delicious Brazil nut flavour dominating.
  • Ethiopian Sidamo Roast

    This Arabica coffee is a medium roasted coffee known and loved for its particular flavour and mild spicy kick. With a wine like essence that completes with a floral aroma. This clean tasting coffee glides over your palate with an almost sweet aftertaste. Sidamo coffee has a soft, light body when brewed.
  • Guatemala Antigua Roast

    Guatemala Antigua Roast is a medium roasted coffee with it's own unique smoky flavour, well balanced with a hint of an intriguing "spicey twist" finish. Antigua coffee is known for it's gentle whisper of chocolate aroma brought forth by our Roast Master's skillful roasting secrets. Guatemala Antigua Coffee is ranked one of the best single origin coffees in the world, with its powerful aroma and medium body, it stands to please any gourmet coffee lover.
  • Steampunk Blend

    Our Steam Punk Blend is made up of five 100% Arabica coffee beans ranging from African and South American beans. These beans have been roasted to perfection and blended together with the right ratio each playing a part in delivering our specialised and unique coffee taste and medium roasted flavours that all have come to expect from our Aroma Roast Masters. Aroma Steam Punk blend has just the right amount of acidity to bring out the sweetness from your coffee's milk. With the body that brings you back for more.
  • Decaf Colombian Excelso

    Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery chose Colombian Excelso Decaf Coffee Bean not only because of its amazing sweet caramel and cocco aroma and, citrusy and nutty flavour but because they DO NOT USE ANY chemical when extracting the caffeine from the beans. Mountain Water Process (MWP) is when they decaffeinated the raw coffee bean by taking a green coffee extract and caffeine specific filtering technology to remove caffeine from green beans. In this method exposure to water expands the pores of the green coffee in preparation for caffeine extraction. MWP takes place in Mexico and is a 100% chemical free and Organic process. This process is more expensive but is also more healthier.

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