We offer fresh, natural, mouth-watering Italian gelato which will awaken your senses and introduce your taste buds to a new way of life.

Our setting not only brings a piece of Italy to you but also brings the flavours and aromas which will tickle your fancy. Come and taste our version of paradise and make it your home away from home!

Waffles, Gelato, Ice-Cream Cakes & Milkshakes.


Over thirty different flavours ranging from
Plain Vanilla to New York Cheese Cake.

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You can choose your own flavour ice cream
with our dessert waffles or savoury waffles

Ice Cream Cakes

Choose your flavour and shape
and we’ll make it happen.

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About Aroma Gelato

A division of the Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery and Aroma Bistro, Aroma Gelato and Waffle Lounge has become one of our most cherished gems. We opened our freezers in 2012 and have taken the heart and passion of Italian culture and brought it to you why wouldn’t you deserve a bite?


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Attention all gelato enthusiasts! At Aroma, we take our passion for gelato seriously, but not ourselves. Our skilled team creates gelato that’s so good, even the Italians would be envious. We offer over fifty flavours, from the classic vanilla to the more daring New York Cheesecake and the irresistible Ferrero Rocher. We even have options for our vegan and diabetic customers, because we believe everyone should have a taste of our luscious goodness.

Our secret? State-of-the-art machinery and imported flavours straight from Italy, the motherland of all things scrumptious. We have created almost one hundred different flavours, from milk-based to water-based gelato. Yes, there is something for everyone!

But it’s not just about the gelato – it’s about the experience. We believe every scoop should transport you straight to Italy, with a flavour explosion that pleases the senses. So whether you’re a newcomer or a devoted Aroma fan, come and savour our creamy and delightful gelato and discover the magic for yourself. Head to our store in Pretoria and enjoy the love that goes into every scoop. We look forward to seeing you!